Each Hartley Cycle starts with a conversation.

We understand that ordering a bespoke bicycle can be a big decision.  Each one is unique and there are a lot of options.  Some will be to do with the function, feel or performance of the bike, some will be aesthetic, and some emotional.  The most important thing is that your new bicycle fits you and your cycling ambitions perfectly, so together we can discuss how Hartley Cycles can meet your needs and create a truly stunning bicycle for you.


The Commissioning Process

1.   The first step in commissioning a bespoke bicycle is a discussion so that I can understand what you want from your new bike, and suggest how we can best meet your requirements.  I prefer to do this face to face, we can have a cup of tea in the workshop and I can also show you the bike I'm currently working on.  However, if it's not convenient to meet in person we can move the build forward via telephone, email or Skype.

2.   I will then prepare a detailed quotation for you based on our talk.

3.   When you are happy with the quotation I will require a 25% deposit to secure your place in the build queue.  I currently have a lead time of about 18 months from when the deposit is paid.

4.   Once I have your fitting requirements I will design your frame and order your materials, along with your components if applicable. 

5.   When you are at the top of the build queue I will let you know I am ready to start building your frame, and we can also discuss your paint design.  The actual build takes approximately 6 weeks (depending on the complexity) and I will keep you updated with its progress.  You can also follow the build on Twitter and Instagram.  The balance will be due when the build is complete and before delivery.



It's really important that your new bicycle fits you really well.  Fit can make a huge difference to your comfort, the bike's handling and your combined performance.  With a bespoke build each part of the bike's geometry and measurements can be specified and fine-tuned, and so I would highly recommend a professional fitting so that we can get your fit just right.  I  work with an excellent bike fitter, Le Beau Velo, in London, and am happy to co-ordinate an appointment for you.  I can also work from other bike fitters' reports or I can replicate the fit and geometry of a current frame you are happy with. 

Design, Paint and Components

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and we want to make sure that everything about your bicycle's look and function works in harmony.  For this reason I prefer to source components and deliver a complete bike to you.  It means I can make sure all the frame clearances are correct and the parts well fitted.  I am happy to offer advice and help you to choose the right components for your needs.  Components will be quoted for separately to the frame as I require payment for these before ordering.   I personally spray paint each frame to the highest standard, with 'wet paint' and a 2K protective lacquer.  This type of painting, rather than powder coating, allows for much finer detail and multi coloured designs.  Custom paint starts at £450.00.



The price of a frame will vary depending on the type tubing used, the type of frame components, and its complexity,  for example if there are many handmade custom details.  I quote individually for frames based on your individual requirements, but as an indicator of prices: - 

Steel Frames start at £1690, Full Stainless Steel frames start at £2290, and Steel Forks start at £290 (only available with frame).


If you are interested in commissioning a Hartley Cycles bicycle, or would simply like to find out more, please get in touch, and then we can start the conversation.